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Web App Development

With deep expertise in full-stack web application development, we have the team to help you get your applications done right. 

We have the experience in every major platform and tech stack -- including Java, JavaScript, Angular/TypeScript, .Net, Ruby/RoR, Python and Node -- to deliver on your toughest challenges quickly and cost effectively.


Mobile App Development

With a Mobile-first mentality that permeates our application development approach, we understand the need for both native iOS and Android device centric apps, and cross-platform, hybrid apps.

The Agile Software team is well equipped to build to your unique specifications and requirements.



You have data. Lots of it. 

We can help you turn your disparate data sources into interactive data visualizations and dynamic dashboards, quickly and efficiently so your leadership team has the actionable insight they want in the rapid timeframes they require.


Cloud Analytics

Organizations are becoming more data driven than ever, and new cloud-based technologies are available to make this evolution a cost-effective reality. 

But these cloud-based technologies require the right level of expertise to leverage effectively. We can help you migrate and build out your data infrastructure in the cloud to support everything from internal reporting, partner or product focused APIs, and executive dashboards.


Praise from our customers

The Agile Software team won our trust and confidence in meeting aggressive timelines on multiple projects. The team completed all deliverables on time and with top-notch technical quality and professionalism
— Kevin Doyle, Global Tel*Link
Working with Dan and Agile Software has been a great experience. The Agile team is responsive, extremely focused on customer needs, and highly skilled
— George Charuhas, Executive Advisor at Phase One Consulting Group, Inc.
Agile Software’s technical capabilities have been key to our success
— President, Capitol Management Consulting Services
Agile Software worked closely with our team to understand our needs and provided us with excellent service
— LoCh Design
Dan is a trusted advisor with a broad background.
I strongly recommend Dan and Agile Software
— Dan Mascenik, VP of Engineering at Zoomdata
The Agile Software team did a tremendous job.
Highly recommended
— President, The Stand Up Desk Company
Agile Software provided us talented software developers quickly and within budget. A pleasure to work with
— Chris Bolster, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Public Relay
I have worked with Dan and have found him not only to be extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable, but highly effective in getting things done. I highly recommend Dan and Agile Software!
— Joel Palmer, Demand Energy Networks
We would like to thank Microstrategy, General Motors, IBM, Capital One, Bloomberg, Willow Tree, Agile Software, Mixmax, and all our gracious mentors and volunteers for helping put on our best hackathon yet! We could not have done this without our sponsors...our great sponsors and mentors all contributed to our success.
— VTHacks IV Team, Virginia Tech
Agile Software enabled us to take our technical platform from vision to reality, transforming our ideas from words on a page to a commercial product. Dan and the Agile team helped us analyze and refine our high-level vision, using their pattern-based approach to break things down in a way that fit our business, our requirements and our budget.

Using an Agile approach, the team guided us through the design and development process, helped us to understand the trade-offs in building our MVP, and delivered a high quality cloud-based product.

I would highly recommend Dan and the Agile Software team to any organization looking to bring their ideas to life.
— Omer Riaz, COO GEN Z Connect
The Agile Software team blew away our expectations by delivering a great product on time and at a very reasonable cost. Their thorough understanding of our objective, willingness to go the extra mile, and multifaceted expertise made working with them a far better experience than any other development shop we’ve retained.

I highly recommend Agile Software to anyone looking for the real deal when it comes to development solutions.

You won’t find anyone better.
— Rich Danker, CEO Prose Market

Praise for Our Patterns book

This book is essential...and has helped reinvigorate the patterns movement.
— Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist, ThoughtWorks
Top 3 Best Java Books of the year
— Java Developer Journal, Reader's Choice Award
It’s just like having a team of experts sitting at your side.
— Grady Booch, Chief Scientist, Rational Software Corporation

Our award-winning team has been delivering high quality, customer-driven software for over 25 years

We believe there is no aspect of your software project more important than the team you select to deliver it. Not the tech stack, not the tools, not the process. These are all important pieces of the software puzzle, but the most critical factor in predicting the success of your next technology project is not the technology; it is the people on your team. 

Our team has been delivering on-time, high quality, customer-focused software for over 25 years. We have the experience you can trust and the world-class skills in the modern tech stacks you require. Our pattern-based, small-team approach will help you efficiently and effectively meet your goals. Just ask our clients!

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your teams on your next project. 


Meet Our CTO

A pragmatic practitioner, Dan is dedicated to customer-focused, agile software development done right. 

Dan has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, is co-author of a best-selling book on Software Patterns and Design Strategies, is recognized as a 'Java Champion', a technology leader and luminary in the Java community, and holds 10 US Patents. 

Dan Malks, Founder & CTO